Nikola Stoyanov Grey Zone/Dispositive (2022)

Grey Zone/Dispositive

The Matrix, Sofia


collaborators ↓
Peter Chinovsky
Isabelle Nesheva
Sofia Dimova
Sara Postolle
Martijn De Geele
Orlin Dvoryanov
Agathe de Limoges & Victor Delétraz
Elena Chergilanova

video game
3D kit-bashed photogrammetry

The city - transfigured into a gray zone emptied of people, of lights, immersed under water or discarded in the wild cosmos, folded beyond practicality, it represents a capsule emptied of its nature, emptied of its structures of power, emptied of its social bodies. A dispositive without practice, without knowledge and expertise, withoout our institutions and without time - a pure assemblage.

The project presents a virtual city-scape assembled out of distorted models of our familiar urban environment, rearanged into a non-euclidian vista. A photogrammetric landscape attained through the View of microsecond tics of satellites, scanning the earths surface porpouslfully and aimlessly, a virtual dérive of Varna’s unconscious, in the form of an intereactive dream.

Grey Zone / Dispositive is a massive photogrammetry recreatingthe urban space of Varna. Based on satellite images of the city, it presents its double. The videogame installation also relies on acuttingedge AI-denoiser, a technology whose artifacts contribute to distort the visual field intoa dreamlike watercolor drawing. An initial version of Grey Zone / Dispositive, in the form of a videoinstallation, was presented as partof the exhibition Temporary Crisis, part of the Sofia Underground Festival (2022). Later, the developed video game was part of the exhibition „RE:Process“ in the city of Varna (continuation of the exhi-bition „In Process“, 2021).



Gray Zone / Dispositive (2022) Gray Zone / Dispositive (2022) Gray Zone / Dispositive (2022) Gray Zone / Dispositive (2022) Gray Zone / Dispositive (2022) Gray Zone / Dispositive (2022) Gray Zone / Dispositive (2022)