Nikola Stoyanov Nature Morte (2023)

Nature Morte

Goethe-Institut, Sofia


curator ↓
Hristo Kaloyanov

sound design ↓
Anton Shishkov

topological 3D print
multichannel video-Installation

Nature Morte is a multimedia project that plants the philosophical question firmly into the ground - on a part of the country’s highly restricted critical infrastructure. In an attempt to find different approaches to reach the excavation and its visualization, open data from satellite and geological surveys and measurements were used, through which the digital topography of the mines has been built.

The visuals obtained from satellite images can be called operational, as a continuation of the “operational image” coined by the German director Harun Farocki, denoting “images that do not represent an object, but are part of an operation”. And most briefly, the current operation can be described as a philosophy on the ground, tracing the operation of the mining-geological activity and the inevitably accompanying administration, proposing the subsequent uprooting and displacement of the anthropocentric view.

The operational gaze, which has long since left the lens of the kino-eye, gives us precise coordinates of the event, locates the catastrophe, and marks the traces on the visible surface. Although the cosmic time of geoformation - the million-year superimposition of layers that proceeds in relative calm, where separate elements barely interact, there are also short periods of ruptures recorded in the layers. The excavation of rocks, clay, minerals, stones and ash unfolds the earth’s bowels, from where traces of long-sunken worlds are made visible. This is where our operational activity on the critical infrastructure of the Maritza-Iztok mines begins.

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Other Showings

As part of the exhibition “to slip, to slide, to glitch”, 03.06-12.07.24 | Galerie Future Berlin, Germany

Screening of NATURE MORTE at VideoArt Garden, 14-17.09.23 | Timisoara, Romania


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Bulgarian National Television, Bulgarian National Radio, Bloomberg TV, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, Impressio, Boy Scout Magazine, Artnews Cafe


The exhibition was realised with the support of the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and additional support from the “Singer-Zahariev” Foundation.

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