Nikola Stoyanov Re:Process (2022)


Arhis Gallery, Varna


curator ↓
Hristo Kaloyanov

sound design ↓
Yan Lechev

video game
fictional tourist map

“RE:PROCESS” exhibits photographs of everyday urban objects. In the construction and deconstruction traces can be found upon the urban surface, a peculiar language, through which different modalities of appearance are formed and unfolded. Easily found but tough tо comprehend the signs, grilles, and hanging cables will be our entrance to a forgotten archive of urban fabric.

What remains hidden here is the photographic eye behind the camera obscura, looking at the image-reality, in a stance not of drifting in the world but being seduced by it. A speculative body devoid of space; a body which dreams for the exclusion of the world and imagines the other of a place, an object, an event. Despite the structuring principle in photography, the eye evades the fixed position with a certain pa rameter and gains an entry point to reorganize reality. From there, utopia can be dreamt again.

Reverting to the process carried out so far, the basis of archival thinking, the grammar it develops, and the possible cases for editing are traced. The digital framework of RE:PROCESS draws a route between the empty spaces that photography occupies.

Link to the whole fictional tourist map.


Bulgarian National Radio

Untitled (2022) Black Volga (2022) Night Map (2022) Untitled (2022) Untitled (2022)